Mission statement

We are one of the leading experts for fluid technology issues in application-oriented mechanical engineering for turbines, pumps and systems. Based on our extensive modular methodology, we support our customers' success and reliably keep our promises.

We are independent and work as a team with our partners and customers from industry, research and science.

With our know-how, we cover the entire value-added process – from market requirements to implementation.

Technology - Strategy - Engineering Services

The intensity of competition has become enormous, as every entrepreneur and every manager notices on a daily basis: Markets and supplier structures are changing faster than ever before. Competitors from low-wage countries, but also new competitors from high-tech countries, are intensifying competition: Globalization is completed, globality with worldwide competition has become the standard.

The concentration of the supplier structure and core competencies, the high R&D dynamics with ever shorter product lifecycles and the many unforeseeable circumstances additionally complicate the long-term success of companies, as every entrepreneur knows perfectly.

Technology and strategy consulting. Our competence. Your competitive edge.

Getting along in this environment requires the right orientation, the right measures, constant change with the goal of achieving superiority through speed: Not the good beats the bad, but the fast beats the slow. This is how Jack Welch, the former GE Chairman, who – being Neutron Jack – is not exactly known for slowness, is attributed the statement: I'd do it all again, but twice as fast.


Jaberg & Partner helps you to recognize and successfully implement changes. We develop your products.

In this economic and technical environment, Jaberg & Partner helps you as problem solver, know-how carrier and coach to secure and expand the competitiveness of your company. Against the background of our own many years of relevant management and industry experience, we stand for professionalism, implementation orientation and improvement.