Certified energy consultant for pumps and systems

Energy is becoming more and more important: in the majority of cases energy costs are much higher than the cost of acquisition and maintenance of pumps!

The potential savings are tremendous: according to the results of a research carried out by the German Energy Agency DENA (Berlin), energy consumption could be reduced by 30% (careful calculation) which would reduce energy consumption in the EU by nearly 5%, essentially lower CO2-emissions and thus save companies a lot of money.

Pump operation within the optimum range saves energy otherwise unnecessarily blasted and maintenance costs, sizeably extends lifetime and durability of pumps, mechanical seals and bearings, and drastically enhances availability and productivity of plants.

The study course ‘Pump engineer’ provides special know-how on the optimum design and operation of pumps and pump systems. The knowledge acquired as well as the competences required to accomplish energy consulting are documented by the certificate rewarded – ‘Certified Energy Consultant for Pumps and Pump Systems‘. It can be assumed, that in future energy consulting may only be provided by authorized, trained and certified energy consultants. Participants of our study courses are well prepared to meet all these future requirements mentioned – which is obviously already a distinct competitive edge.

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