Pressure surge / transient simulation

By combining instationary calculations with test rig analyses we offer development, design and assessment of instationary processes /pressure surge in plants, piping systms and machines.

Particularly in water supply and disposal as well as in energy technology (e.g. hydropower – storage power plants), but also in process and automotive engineering, numerical simulation is a very informative analysis method with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

For example, commissioning and shutdown processes of water supply systems are precisely calculated and the resulting over- and under-pressures are precisely predicted as a function of time. Thereby, in very long, flat systems, not only the maximum over-pressure peaks that occur are relevant to the design, but also the maximum pressure drops during deceleration of the fluid column, since these can lead to pronounced cavitation, which as a rule must be absolutely avoided.

Especially the modelling of cavitation conditions, which also play an increasingly central role in the development, design and control of injection systems for internal combustion engines, is – analogous to 3D-CFD – currently being pursued with increased interest.

Another focus of development activities is currently on the direct coupling of 1-dimensional and 3-dimensional calculation codes, whereby the advantages of both techniques can be used: On the one hand the more precise mapping of individual components by 3D-simulation and on the other hand the holistic, time-dependent consideration of complete hydraulic systems by 1D-numerical simulation.