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July 2024

Hill chart calculation

of Francis turbines using CFD simulation

June 2024

Call for Papers

28th  Practitioniers‘ Conference Graz 
„Pumps in process engineering“
5 – 7 May 2025 | Congress Graz

We invite you to contribute a conference paper!

June 2024


with the renowned software developer CFturbo

April 2024

Big crowd

at the 27th Practitioners' Conference Graz

April 2024

Water-hammer analysis

for sustainable steel production

March 2024

Hydraulic optimisation

of a multi-stage centrifugal pump


February 2024

Flow analysis on an overhauled twin Francis turbine

to prove and justify the identified performance deficit


February 2024

Investigation of the draft tube flow

on an existing system

January 2024

Transient Analysis

for an Indian hydropower plant

November 2023

Investigation and modification

of a fan for the automotive industry

October 2023

Event tip

Annual Conference Small Hydropower Austria 2023

September 2023

TPS Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia

with a scientific contribution by Stefan Höller

June 2023

Technical Contribution

 “Achieving pump head curve stability with CFD methods”

April 2023

Optimisation of a Pump

for the automotive industry

January 2023

Date fixed

for the 27th Practitioners' Conference Graz
"Pumps in Process Engineering, Power Plant and Wastewater Technology"

November 2023

CFD feasibility study

to increase the output of an existing hydropower plant in Paraguay

October 2023

Hydro 2023 Edinburgh

Meet us at Hydro 2023 and visit us at our booth no. 232!

September 2023

26th International User Forum Small Hydropower Plants

with a contribution by Dr. Jürgen Schiffer

June 2023

Call for Papers

27th  Practitioniers‘ Conference Graz
„Pumps in process engineering“
8 - 10 April April 2024 | Congress Graz, Austria

January 2023

Call for Papers

8th Practitioners’ Conference "Hydropower | Turbines | Systems"
12 & 13 September 2023 at Graz University of Technology

November 2023

Optimisation of a distribution pipe

of a pump storage

September 2023

That was the 8th Practitioners' Conference Hydropower

at the Graz University of Technology - with over 140 participants

August 2023

Efficiency measurement

at a Francis turbine in Turkey

April 2023

Design and Model Test

of a Kaplan turbine for a refurbishment-project in India

January 2023

Francis Model Test

for the HPP Hirfanli
CFD-based development of the hydraulics and all model-measurements according to IEC standards

December 2022

Our New Activity Report

An insight into our activities

September 2022

A pump industry highlight

That was the 26th Practitioners' Conference Graz - Digitisation and Pump Technology

July 2022


With an expert contribution from Jaberg & Partner! Visit us at our exhibition stand no. 1133!

January 2022

Digitalisation is nothing new

An interview with Helmut Jaberg in Maschinenmarkt magazine about the current challenges in the pump industry. [Article in German]

November 2022

Viennahydro 2022

With a conference contribution by Jaberg & Partner!

Meet us at Viennahydro - booth no.12!

August 2022

CMFF 2022 Budapest

With a conference-contribution from Jaberg & Partner!

April 2022

HYDRO 2022 Strasbourg

Meet us at Hydro 2022 and visit us at our booth no. 054!

September 2022

25th International User Forum Small Hydropower Plants

We are pleased about our contribution to the programme and the exchange of experiences.

July 2022

26th Practitioners' Conference Graz – Programme online

Book now – for the live or online event!

February 2022

Design and model test for vertical Kaplan turbines

CFD-based hydraulics development and model test successfully carried out

December 2021

Simulation and optimisation for Francis-Camelback-turbines

Of a Canadian hydropower plant from the year 1905

October 2021


Read more about the way to steady pump operation in the current issue of CHEMIE TECHNIK in the technical article from our company.

September 2021

24th International User Forum on Small Hydropower Plants

With a contribution from Jaberg & Partner: "Damage analysis and runner optimisation using the example of a Francis turbine with severe cavitation damage".

May 2021

Jaberg & Partner awarded contract for turbine development

We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract for the hydraulic development and the model test for a Mur power plant north of Graz.

November 2021


26th Practitioners' Conference Graz “Pumps in process engineering"
12.09. until 14.09.2022 | Congress Graz

You are invited you to send us a conference contribution!

September 2021

7th Practitioners’ Conference Hydropower

A great success - direct exchange of knowledge and experience with over 90 participants at Graz University of Technology and for the first time live broadcast online.

July 2021

Hydrovision - postponed to 2022

We look forward to our participation in Denver and your response to our presentations!

November 2021


With an expert contribution of Helmut Jaberg - "Sediments, turbines, reservoir - the never-ending story".

September 2021

25th Anniversary

That was the 25th Practitioners' Conference Graz - digitisation and pump technology, latest trends, many years of operator experiences, approaches to solutions.

Dezember 2020

Handover of the Institute's management

After more than 25 years Helmut Jaberg handed over the management of the Institute of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery HFM of the Graz University of Technology to Peter Meusburger.

October 2020

Emeritus: Prof. Helmut Jaberg

After more than 25 years as head of the Institute of Hydraulic Fluidmachinery HFM of the Graz University of Technology.

November 2019


From 28 to 29 November in the Messezentrum Salzburg, the "5th International Conference: Hydropower and Energy Storage" will focus on "Hydropower in the Future Energy System between Sustainability, Security of Supply and Innovation".

August 2019

Hydrovision 2019 - review

Pleasing international interest in our achievements as an incentive to continue to work hard.

October 2019


We are pleased about our contribution to the conference by Mr. Helmut Jaberg with the topic “Assessment of the hydraulic behaviour of a reverse radial gate with installed flaps by using multiphase CFD-simulations“.

June 2019

Hydrovision 2019 in Portland

Prof. Dr. Helmut Jaberg, head of the Institute of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery HFM of the Graz University of Technology and our colleague Stefan Höller-Litzlhammer are among the speakers with four scientific contributions.

September 2019

22nd International User Forum on Small Hydropower Plants

From 26-27 September in Rorschach, Switzerland, with two expert contributions by Jaberg & Partner. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the programme and look forward to the exchange of experiences.

October 2018


As part of the two-day conference "Hydropower and Storage - Flexible Hydropower", Helmut Jaberg, Head of the Institute HFM at TU Graz, will present various hydraulic machines and their use for grid flexibility and will lead through the programme in the afternoon. Helmut Benigni moderates the hydropower practical seminar and gives the opening lecture.

September 2018


Jürgen Schiffer-Rosenberger and Stefan Höller-Litzlhammer will speak at Hydro 2018. We are pleased to participate at this year's Hydro with two contributions.