Our conferences are made by practitioners for practitioners. In the fields of pumps and hydropower, they offer a broad platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas between manufacturers, operators, planners and research.

Practitioners’ Conference Pumps

The conference "Pumps in process engineering" organised by practitioners provides a unique platform for practitioners to share experiences, new developments and ideas for coping with the everyday challenges of pumps and pump systems.

The Practitioners' Conference Pump especially addresses operators as well as planners and manufacturers of pumps and pump systems.

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28th Practitioners' Conference Graz

“Pumps in process engineering"

When:  in spring 2025

Where: Congress Graz, Austria

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Practitioners’ Conference Hydropower

This German-language conference provides the ideal platform to build up networks as well as for the exchange of experience and knowledge by practitioners for practitioners – manufacturers, operators, planners and researchers  – focussing on hydro power plants and core technical / economic topics such as turbine efficiency, pressure surge, turbine in- and outtake, pump storage, control units, surge chamber, penstock, service life, refurbishment etc. covering the range from small to large hydro power.

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9th Practitioners’ Conference Hydropower

“Practitioners’ Conference Hydropower / Turbines / Systems"

When: September 2025

Where: Graz University of Technology, Austria

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