All globally active companies in the hydropower industry have sites in Austria - the leading country in the hydropower industry in Europe. Close cooperation in research, projects and product development with manufacturers, operators and planners in the hydropower and energy industry has a long and successful tradition.

Whether Francis, Kaplan or bulb turbines or innovative new approaches, our know-how is in demand worldwide for numerical flow simulations, tests on the test rig and acceptance/model tests for small to large plants:

  • Comparisons and calculations of power plant projects for manufacturers and operators
  • Machine change – refurbishment
  • Product development turbines, storage pumps and pump turbines
  • Efficiency optimisation
  • Measures to increase the efficiency of individual machine sets or the entire plant
  • Waterways, inlet  /  outlet
  • Transient calculation / pressure surge
  • Surge chamber
  • Efficiency / plant measurement / acceptance tests
  • Model tests
  • Refurbishment
  • Life cycle
  • Cavitation
  • Troubleshooting for power plants
  • Cases of damage
  • ...