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Pumps in process engineering

Achieving pump head curve stability with CFD methods


In order to meet the requirements for a stable pump head curve, a low pump efficiency is often accepted. The example of a multistage borehole pump shows how this dogma can be broken by means of CFD methods.

The pump as a turbine

Application in industrial processes

The way to steady pump operation

Centrifugal pumps in the petrochemical industry must have a steady head curve acc. to API. How this can be improved and the efficiency optimised at the same time can be shown on the example of a vertical tubular casing pump.

Canned Motor Pumps

Simulation and optimisation

Research on high head process pumps

Simulation and optimisation of side channel pumps

Energy efficient pump systems

Optimisation of efficiency and mode of operation

Hydropower & Energy


Best Practice – field measurement

Acoustic flow measurements

Best Practice - Field Measurement

Flow rate measurement according to IEC by means of impeller anemometer

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