Looking back at Hydrovison 2019

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Hydrovision, Portland OR: The largest hydropower conference and exhibition in the world with approximately 4000 participants.

We contributed four lectures together with the Institute of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery HFM of the Graz University of Technology and thus were one of the most activist speaking companies:

Two papers on transient operation of pumped storage power plants incl. hydraulic short circuit operation, one paper on numerical turbine optimization to reduce construction costs and another paper on a hybrid pumped storage power plant for the coupling of renewable like wind and the storage possibility of hydro power. All presentations met with a considerable response, whereby the flexible operation of pumped storage plants in the USA is still in its initial stages and will increase considerably in the future for the known reasons.

We would like to thank the numerous visitors to our stand! In many conversations the capabilities of our company in the fields of numerical 3D CFD, waterhammer simulations, IEC acceptance and laboratory test, on-site measurements as well as our tailor-made further training programmes were presented and explained to the many interested visitors.

The pleasing international interest in our services is an incentive for us to continue our efforts.

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