Call for Papers

28th Practitioners' Conference Graz
„Pumps in process engineering“
5 - 7 May 2025 | Congress Graz, Austria

For the 28th Practitioners' Conference "Pumps in Process Engineering, Power Plant and Wastewater Technology", we are once again inviting speakers from renowned manufacturers, planners and, above all, users to submit technical papers

The core topics are chemical process engineering and refinery technology, while power plant technology and the energy issue continue to be hot topics. Of course, we are once again inviting experts from the field of wastewater technology to contribute to 2025.

From practitioners for practitioners has been our motto over the years. Users and operators have therefore always made up around half of the audience and a considerable proportion of the speakers. The contributions, with technical details and in-depth information, are presented to a competent specialist audience. We do not give promotional presentations. The duration of the presentations is 45 minutes (including discussion). In any case, there is always enough time for discussion - the cultivation of open dialogue is and remains a special concern of ours.

Do you have new experience with forward-looking developments and novel concepts concerning the construction, use or trouble-shooting of pumps in chemical process and refinery technology, in the pharmaceutical and paper industry or in wastewater and power plant technology? Or have you already been able to successfully implement innovative solutions for energy savings in the application of pumps? Even unsolved problems can be raised with us and discussed among other participants. Then we invite you to send us a contribution!


Call for Papers


28th Practitioners' Conference Graz
“Pumps in process engineering”
5-7 May 2025 | Congress Graz, Austria

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