Design and Model Test

successfully implemented for a Kaplan turbine

For a power plant of the Dhakrani Hydro Electric Project in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, commissioned in 1965, Prof. Dr. Jaberg & Partner GmbH was commissioned with the CFD simulation, runner optimisation and following model testing of a Kaplan turbine by an international operating manufacturer of turbines and valves.

The work included CFD simulation of the original turbine design, including hydraulic calculations to analyse efficiency and cavitation, and optimisation of the runner and guide vane design. The 6-blade runner and the guide vane were optimised to exactly meet the guaranteed efficiency.

We were able to successfully carry out the model test in mid-April 2023 in compliance with IEC standard in the laboratory of the Institute of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery at Graz University of Technology.

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