Design and model test

for vertical Kaplan turbines


For a modern Mur power plant in the north of Graz, we successfully implemented the CFD-based development of the hydraulics of a vertical Kaplan turbine and the appropriate homologous model test.

CFD hydraulic development

All measurements were carried out on the 4-quadrant test rig of the Institute of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery at Graz University of Technology in compliance with IEC 60193:2019.

Test rig design

These included, among others, the dimensionless hydraulic characteristic values of the turbine for different ψ-values and in a corresponding impeller angle range, the cavitation coefficients σ for different operating points and the runaway speed curves of the turbine hydraulics. Also, the torque of runner blades and guide vanes was measured. All values agreed very good with the values of the CFD design. The end customer thus accepted the layout.

In the future, the 11,4 MW hydropower plant in the river Mur will generate about 54,2 GWh of green, CO2-free electricity annually and feed it directly into the regional grid.

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